Thursday, November 16, 2006

Debnam the deadbeat

Does Peter Debnam want to become Premier of New South Wales or does he want to be in opposition for another four years, by which time the Liberal Party would have a new leader anyway?All he has to do is SHUT UP.

His claims today that retiring Attorney-General Bob Debus is under police investigation with no proof, is like falling on your own sword.Labor is self-destructing in the state as it is.

Either Debnam needs proof to his claims or just SHUT UP. He need not say anything as Labor are doing their own damage and losing the election.

Obviously Debnam has poor advisors or the wrong people around, or maybe he lacks intelligence and he is not the right man for the job. Possibly a mixture of the lot.

It is too late for Liberal to change leaders now this close to an election. Debnam and his Party need to stand united offer an alternative for change and release a set of policies that will woo voters from Labor to Liberal.

A fair analysis would say most voters are fed up with the Government. A number of fatal flaws have plagued Morris Iemma, since he took on the role of Premier, following the resignation of Premier Five Star - Bob Carr. He could obviously smell shit about to hit the fan and therefore left, allowing Iemma to pick up the pieces, lose sleep and wonder why he ever took the job on.

The Cross-City Tunnel Fiasco, calling the tunnel boss a "f*** wit" mistakenly on national television. The Orkopolous ordeal, Carl Scully dramas. The riots in Cronulla. It just seems to be going from bad to worse to worse to worse.

Let’s be realistic New South Wales - will rail, housing, health, education slow down at? NO

Will there be fewer cars on the road in one year? NO.

We need action plans NOW. Realistic and achievable plans in five year increments that will develop basic infrastructure.

Would you return the Iemma Government after this ill-fated term in office?

Debman and Liberal need to get their act together. If no alternative Government is provided then we will go through the next four years with stalemate as independents will be voted in and no policy will be made.

SO Mr. Debman my message is simple - stop making deadbeat comments and SHUT UP or make sensible, realistic comments and name policy changes so we can have a change of Government.

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